About Us

"Every mom needs something for themselves, right?"

      We were born and raised in Lutherville, Maryland to a crafty mom and hard working landscaping dad. Our childhood was spent running around to different sporting events, hanging out with friends, and our summers were spent by the pool. After graduating from Towson University, we both moved to Parkton, Maryland with our husbands - just down the road from each other. 

     Meredith was a Physical Education and Health teacher for five years before making the transition to a full-time stay-at-home mom to her daughter Nora (4) and son Marshall (2). In the fall, you can find her coaching varsity field hockey and in the spring JV girls lacrosse at a local high school. 

     Hana is currently working as a part-time pediatric nurse at a local hospital. She is also working towards getting her masters degree, all while raising her one year old son, Russell. 

     After spending our days raising our kids, folding laundry, cleaning dishes, and grocery shopping, we were looking for a hobby to enjoy for ourselves. Every mom needs something for themselves, right? It just so happened that Meredith stumbled upon heishi beads - which brought back fond memories from her childhood of stringing beads and making jewelry with her mom, sisters, and friends at the pool during the summer.

     In December 2021, Meredith bought a few packs of heishi beads and began making bracelets as Christmas presents for Hana, their youngest sister Laurel, and mom Linda (or Grinda to Nora, Marshall, and Russell). As they wore their handcrafted bracelets around town, the interest in them grew...and so it began. 

     Meredith and Hana would text and call each other about new colors, beads, and bracelet patterns. Each night after the kids went to bed we found time for ourselves to sit, relax, and craft bracelets. We would send pictures of bracelets that we created back and forth to each other - sometimes until ridiculous hours at night. We find just joy in being able to create unique and fun bracelets for others to enjoy! We were totally hooked and that is how Mix Match and Stack was started!

     The Mix Match & Stack jewelry line is designed for you to be able to accessorize and dress up your outfit for any occasion. Heading to work, picking up the kids from school, dinner with friends, or just something to spice up your everyday outfit.

     We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of colors and materials. Our “build your own stack” feature allows the jewelry to fit your specific style. We also customize our jewelry with names and words to make it even more personal. We really love that our bracelets are made on a stretchy cord that allows for people (especially busy and active moms) to easily take them on and off throughout the day. We try our best to keep our handcrafted jewelry at fair prices so you can truly grow your jewelry collection for everyday and any occasion.

     We are constantly adding new colors, patterns, and beads. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on the most current bracelets and other accessories. Our bracelets are sold here on our website but also in local stores and several craft shows throughout the year - come on out and see us! 

Thank you so much for checking our website and supporting our small business.

-Meredith & Hana

Photos by Peggy Dunn Photography