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Kids Helping Kids: Heishi Bracelet + Johns Hopkins Donation

Kids Helping Kids: Heishi Bracelet + Johns Hopkins Donation

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     The Kids Helping Kids program provides students the opportunity to learn the importance of helping and giving to others. For every bracelet purchased, a bracelet will be gifted to a Johns Hopkins Pediatric Cancer patientIn addition proceeds from each purchase will be donated to Pediatric Sarcoma Cancer Research at Johns Hopkins.


  • Single Heishi Bracelet
  • Postcard (pictured)
  • $10 Donation towards Pediatric Sarcoma Cancer Research at Johns Hopkins
  • Donation of a Kids Heishi Bracelet OR DIY Bracelet Kit to a Johns Hopkins Pediatric Cancer patient 💛
We hope this bracelet serves as a reminder of kindness and hope. 

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History of Heishi

Heishi (pronounced "hee shee") are small disc shaped beads made of organic shells or ground and polished stones. It is possible that heishi could be the oldest form of jewelry in North America. The oldest specimens of heishi dates back to around 6000 BCE. The Santo Domingo and San Felipe Pueblo Indians are well known for beautiful heishi jewelry. Previously it would take anywhere from 2 - 7 days to produce heishi by hand. Today, heishi beads are commonly mechanically mass-produced from natural materials.


Please make sure to accurately measure your wrist before ordering. We do not offer returns or exchanges for resizing.

Custom sizing is available upon request.

Care Instructions

Since heishi beads are made from natural materials, it is highly recommended that you keep your bracelets dry and away from water, chemicals, beauty products, etc. This will keep them looking nice and allow for them to last longer. This is one of the reasons that we string our bracelets on stretchy cord - it allows for you to easily take them on and off your wrist as needed. 

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All sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

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